Self-Awareness is an amazing discovery, no matter how late in life you find it.  It is the wonder cure for emotional ailment. It provides introspection and reflection.  It vitalizes.

Those who love me anyway say that I too argumentative.  That’s the term they use when they are being nice.  On other occasions, they use other, less-kind terms to describe my way of sharing one of my sometimes unfiltered opinions.  I am not sure what those who have no obligation to love me have to say. But since I don’t know what they say, it does not hurt.

So what, I am more than willing to voice my position on all subject matters large and small. I am convicted enough to defend my belief that when truth conflicts with loyalty, truth should cover, beat or cut loyalty…you know as in rock, paper, scissors. (Note: This is not an argument about the virtue of loyalty.)

With self-awareness comes a calmness that has hampered my ability to debate and loudly discuss matters unrelated to me. So my blogs on subjects like retirement, relationships, religion, and entertainment will be more of introspection and self-reflection. Even those who love me may not recognize me.

Self-Awareness is a work in process, however; and old habits die hard.  So occasionally, on any given day of the week, after someone has poked the hibernating she-bear,  a blog unrelated to my new self-reflective nature will certainly  post.