First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Vitalize-Live is this almost 57-year-old African American woman’s version of the process of recognizing the beauty in the fall foliage of life.  That particular recognition was something I had a little trouble with in the soft pastels of the spring time and in the radiant summer sun.   Hopefully, it is the time in space when there are few major mistakes left to make, even in the middle of life altering decisions.  At this point, the consequences of my mistakes will simply be accepted as just another factor in the aging process.  For example, should by chance I decide to retire too soon; or just happen to work too long, the impact will reflect in too few dollars; too few healthy days; or both too few days and too few dollars. Whatever the result, chalk it up to life.  I will vitalize because there is always that bucket list of named and unnamed goals to achieve, people to meet, and places to explore.  All of those things I have deferred until now to harvest.

Vitalize-Live is my space to energize!


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